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True cloud-based School Information Management now available for schools




WCBS, one of the world¡¯s leading providers of information management systems for international and independent schools, has announced the launch of HUB to give schools all the benefits of true cloud technology for their information management. This includes WeChat integration and full Mandarin translation.


HUB, which is a true cloud, Software as a Service, multi-tenanted solution provides schools with an alternative to costly servers; giving them access to school-specific software that is fully managed in the cloud. The Software as a Service (SAAS) provision means that schools will automatically receive instantaneous system upgrades in zero downtime, data backups, disaster recovery, and complete management of their software without having to do a thing; a significant benefit for all schools. 


True cloud-based technology reassures schools that the system has been built especially for the cloud. This means that no third-party service provider or reseller is required; removing the risk of unstable installations, compromised data security, or delayed, time-intrusive and costly updates.


HUB operates in the manner of many modern websites. It is flexible, intuitive and easy to use, resulting in less training so that teachers don¡¯t have to lose valuable time learning about the system, but can use it almost immediately to support teaching and learning.  With the ability to instantly track all the information required about students, such as attendance, behaviour, curriculum objectives and assessments, as well as create personalised learning plans, HUB becomes the nerve centre of the daily classroom routine.


True cloud infrastructure provides almost 100% guaranteed uptime; better by far than any other option available today, and is built to provide staff, parents and students with immediate access anytime, from more devices, and from any location. In addition, true cloud is fully managed by cloud providers and independent software vendors rather than a local or inhouse IT manager. As a result, hardware warranties, installation and upgrades, software compliance (such as updates and patches), and data backups (including secure off-line storage) are all automatically provided by some of the best cloud tech experts in the world, ensuring that cloud-based environments are always up-to-date and protected from any potential vulnerability. This frees up a school¡¯s IT department to focus where their skills are needed most; supporting staff with their management of software and data for the best possible teaching and learning.


Through HUB, WCBS will provide schools with an intuitive school information management platform that can be customised to meet their data and software needs. Features available include user-targeted reporting and analysis, multi-language provision, instant messaging capability, student assessment, online admissions, simple and secure integration with third-party software, mobile and multi-device application, and WeChat integration for schools in China. This will allow the different users, whether that¡¯s teachers, administrators, parents or students, the ability to securely access only the school information that¡¯s relevant to them, anytime and anywhere. It will also enable schools to communicate with parents in their local language or a choice of languages (including Mandarin, Thai and Vietnamese as well as English) to maximise their engagement and collaboration.


HUB is available to any school that has internet connection. It can be installed immediately and implemented when the school community is ready, providing ready access to an information management system that is school-specific, secure, simple to use, flexible and fully scalable.


¡°There has been a big gap in the education market for true cloud-based technology,¡± says Emma Goodwin, CEO at WCBS. ¡°This is next generation software and there¡¯s been huge demand from schools for this so that they can focus their investment on teaching and learning rather than out-dated IT infrastructure. It¡¯s a significant step-change in school information management functionality and service support for them, and WCBS is thrilled to be leading that change.¡±



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