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Welcome to UK Urbangate.Please contact us if you have any inquiry.Tel:0151 709 8532(Liverpool,UK)

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 Macro & Micro Environment


Legal & Policy Consulting




@ Heathrow helps SMEs take off into a World of Opportunity

@ Announcing the Finalists of the 2018 British Business Awards

@ First UK Pavilion launched at Hangzhou CCIE

@ WuQi Technologies is the latest licensee of CCww¨s NB-IoT UE protocol-stack software

@ New international partnerships set to help South West companies win business in high-growth markets

@ True cloud-based School Information Management now available for schools

@ Rockschool¨s revolution in music education wins Queen¨s Award for Enterprise

@ UK-China Intellectual Property Forum Shenzhen - June 2018






Providing profound perspectives about economy trend by analyzing macro and micro environments for companies with global business development plans to help them make the right decision when creating a strategic marketing strategy. please click here to read more.




Providing legal and policy analysis where local market regulations must be carefully analysed and considered to avoid major obstacles for companies.   Please Click here to read more.









 Specific Industry Environment


  Marketing Orientation, Seminars and Workshops




We will provide comprehensive consulting service for the Specified industry analysis ,Including data collecting, import and export policy analysis for clients; entry barriers analysis and so on.Click here for more information.





Offering seminars and workshops to SMEs. The seminars will focus on key management issues for SMEs operations such as market analysis, product commercialization, how to make a business plan, marketing strategies, customer service etc.Please click here to read more.









Business plans


 Services for E-Business
in the EU




Assessing the objectives and mission of a business, evaluating its business performance in terms of profitability, staff, products, turnover, customer satisfaction and internal management procedures.Please click here for more details.



Offering the service to the international E-Business marketer, including Intellectual Property Protection,Platform Rules analysis, Searching Engine Strategy, Marketing Analysis,CRM Report,client development, logistic optmization, procurement strategy, online Platform performance improvement, after-service improvement and so on.Please click here for more details.







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