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Welcome to UK Urbangate.Please contact us if you have any inquiry.Tel:0151 709 8532(Liverpool,UK)

Our Service

Legal & Policy Consulting


Providing legal and policy analysis where local market regulations must be carefully analysed and considered to avoid major obstacles for companies. We collaborate with local intellectual law firms to help companies to register trade mark in the UK and EU.

What We Do

         Integrate legal, social science, service systems, and law enforcement perspectives to develop frameworks, variables, and hypotheses for policy analysis and policy outcomes research

         Rapidly collect, analyze, and synthesize policy data from published literature, focus groups, experts, survey research, secondary data analysis, and searches of enacted and codified laws and regulations

         Test policy-related hypotheses through quantitative, econometric, qualitative, organizational, and legal analysis

         Organize complex policy information in user-searchable databases with flexible report capabilities

         Prepare papers, publications, and briefings on a variety of health and human services policy topics






1, Macro&Micro Environment Consulting


2, Legal & Policy Analysis


3, Specific Industry Environment Analysis


4,Marketing Orientation


5, Business plans


6, E-Business in the EU



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